The Gabel WeddingCastro Valley, California

The Gabel Wedding
The Gabel Wedding. When I first met with Cathy and Drew, I knew their wedding was going to be a blast! so meaningful and a dream for a documentary wedding photographer! He is a farmer with an incredible garden, makes homemade brews. She's a cheese connoisseur who commutes to work on her scooter! During one of their first dates together, Cathy wanted to surprise Drew[...]

The Storytellerthe favorite way to print

The Storyteller
This hard covered photo book is the one I call 'The Storyteller'.  Beautifully packaged in one place. Adorn your coffee table, share at an event. It's a perfect way to print and share your session for years to come. Duplicates make for great gifts as well! Why pick just one or two favorites!! ; ) I love how Shannon chose the 8.5 x 8.5 square layout!! also available [...]

The Heart of SoulsI'm still in love with you because...

The Heart of Souls
"Anymore Of This" Where did I begin Turning through the pages But I don't know what I've readThread is wearing thin Everything's familiar But I don't know who I amDo you know where you're going? Don't even know where I've beenWatching moments pass I wanna run away from it But I still won't take that stepLocked inside the glass An empty box of memories [...]